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Astrology is one of the oldest cultures of human civilization and considered to be the mother of all sciences. Vedas, the ancient culture of India extended its periphery to south-east Asia and Asian sub-continent as a whole. Vedas means knowledge in Sanskrit, was initiated by the Aryans. Science of astrology or heavenly bodies is called Jyotisha Shastra in Sanskrit; Jyotisha means divine light or luster of heaven and Shastra means subject of diversity, which means; subject of study dealing with celestial entities. Hindus used to practice Vedic astrology since ancient time and developed the subject to the highest level of perfection. Discovery of lunar days (Tithi) in Vedic science were made to analyze daily behavior of the planets. Indian astrology is also known as Vedic or Hindu astrology. Astrocopia.com, the leader and one of the best websites in the world offers top class free forecast online. In this website, Asian occultism has been used rigorously to analyze world events with 100% accuracy. The effects of planets are so enormous and unavoidable that none of us can ignore it just by disbelieving. In fact, believers of astrology will feel more confident while the non-believers will find the truth on the soil of reality. Daily use of horoscope is the prime objective of this website, authored by the astrologer